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This looks like fun.

And the_no_feeling, you have no excuses. You posted a comment, you are officially in fandom now. So there.

Post a picture in my comments of what you think describes me when you think about what/who I am. No matter how surreal or plain.
Give no written explanation.
Just an image.

(Optional: Post this in your journal and see what images you get.)

(Ganked from zed_pm)



I haven't been on LJ since June 23 for a number of reasons. I'm fine, just all over the place mentally and physically. On the bright side, I've had more fun this summer than at any other point in my life. I've met and spent time with some fantastic people, including miss roflolmaomg, whose house I spent a week at. I've really been enjoying my life, which unfortunately means I've been neglecting fandom a lot. I hope to be back in the swing of things, reading entries and commenting extensively (as usual) within the next month or so, when I can adopt some semblance of normality and stop marathoning SGA. (Damn you, Ruffle, you got me addicted!)

So anyway, how have my lovely LJ friends been? How you ladiez doin'?

I can haz paris?

Ok, so. I am going to be in Paris between June 18 and 23rd, so of course I'm wanting to make a jaunt up to Pierrefonds, but I'm a little worried about doing it alone. Anyone want to/able to come with? Got any suggestions of a comm I could post to?


So yeah. For those new to my flist, hello. In case you don't know, I'm over in England right now studying for the summer, so I'm doing a lot of random traveling and spending lots of time in new places. I do get bored frequently, though, which is how I make random connections and do weird things.

On Monday I was in Stratford for a production of "The Winter's Tale", which is definitely one of Shakespeare's weirder, more obscure plays. It was a lot of fun, the acting was good, and there was a GIANT FREAKING PAPER BEAR OMG. Anyway, I got back and just kinda messed around yesterday, and in the process of talking to[info]visbranndrage and listening to Bradley's interesting voiceovers, I revisited hisagent's page, which lists his roles in drama school.

Like I said, I'm over here studying Shakespeare, and I'm kind of a nerd, so that part was interesting. Especially since he was Clown in "A Winter's Tale" (one of my favorite characters, next to Autolycus), AND he was Flute in "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the play, Bottom and his friends organize a play to perform at Hippolyta and Theseus's wedding, the "tragic love story" of Pyramus and Thisby. Flute is selected to play Thisby, the beautiful young maiden, and the play is performed rather awfully. But as part of the play, the actor playing Flute has to perform the role of Thisby, so one entire scene is done in drag. Done correctly, this can be one of the funniest things you've ever seen, and it's always held a special place in my heart (I was in the play as Mustardseed as a kid). Anyway, so following logic, Bradley would have had to do drag for this. I call PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, LOL.

Um, what else? I've booked train tickets for the weekend and I have nothing to do Sunday, so I think I'm just going to head back to London. Ooh, and the [info]summerpornathon is starting. I'm on teampridealong with sequinedfairyand kathkin. WE'LL FUCK YOUR SHIT UP. It's going to be SO MUCH FUN, yay.

Also, last night I spent a good 3 hours reading this, which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly reccomend, even though I don't play RPGs. They totally ripped this guy a new one, and it's worth it for the LOLZ. A good bit of it went over my head, but that didn't stop me from laughing until I cried and then quoting it to everyone I know. Also, this seems like the most amazing book ever written. I honestly want to buy a copy just to see the whole thing in its glory.

Oh, and self-pimping. visbranndrageand I wrote porn. You should go read it, it's good! :D

Here we go again....





Me: Hi. How'reyoudoing?
Bradley: ?
And it all goes downhill from there...Collapse )
Hey, flist. Since the last time I posted, school finished, I moved back to Texas for a week, and then I came here. And where is here, you say?Read more...Collapse )

Is That Talking to Me?

The title's from this.

I'm bored, and randomb33 posted a music meme. Need any explanation?

How many total songs?: 2169

Sort by song title- first and last:
1. A-Punk - Vampire Weekend
2. ***-Regina Spektor

Sort by time- shortest and longest:
1. Overheard in a Wawa Parking Lot- Bloodhoung Gang (0:04)
2. 1.02 Valiant Commentary- Merlin Cast (44:38)

Sort by album- first and last:
1. Absolution- Muse
2. 5 Years Time- Noah and the Whale

Sort by artist- first and last:
1. The AKAs
2. 3Oh3

Top 5 played songs:
1. 100k- the Loved Ones (67)
2. Evil Eye- Ash (58)
3. Our Retired Explorer- the Weakerthans (58)
4. Me and Mia- Ted Leo & the Pharmacists (57)
5. Dreaming of You- the Coral (54)

Okay, confession time. This song? I can sing it. In Russian. Because I'm that awesome. Ignore the fact that it's super lame and focus on the fact that I'm ridiculous.